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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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weather ad libs >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. waking up cold and in the dark. what may be to blame for the power outages here in san francisco. more rain and thunderstorms in the bay area. will that continue into the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> brake lights on westbound 580 through livermore and dublin interchange. chain requirements in the sierra. a full look at driving conditions coming up. >> dozens of people camped out in the rain and the cold to make sure their families are hooked up for the holiday season. >> and good morning, everyone. it is friday, it's here, it's
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november 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a lightning strike near a transformer leaves dozens in the dark. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is with the crews that are busy now trying to get those lights back on. >> reporter: good morning. they have been working nonstop. pg&e says there is still no estimated time of when the power will be restored. but you can look right now. they are in one of the cherry pickers trying to bring power back to the area. one crew member told me they are hoping to get the lights back on by 8 or 9:00 this morning. about 100 customers had their lights out because of the hoffman, fountain street and grandview avenue outages. that caused transformers to be shut down. the challenge is because so many transformers were affected. pg&e had to count just how many customers were tied to each transformer. for customers the challenge will be getting that power on
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in time for the workday. how will this affect your workday? >> it's bad. my husband works out of our home. so this is going to affect him most of all. >> reporter: now, last we heard, pg&e was able to replace one transformer in the area but they are working on getting those four or five more to install in this neighborhood. again, this outage started around 1:12 this morning. we spoke to a few neighbors walking by. they said they heard that loud boom and were concerned at first that it was a tree that had fallen down in their enabled, woke up to no lights but then came out and now the challenge again will be getting the lights on in time for the workday. but frank and michelle, initially, crews told us the big challenge around that time was that rainy and dewy weather they had that set them back in trying to reinstall those transformer here's. live in noe valley, cate caugiran cbs 5. >> thank you. we may see some white caps on some bay area peaks today and in the sierra. there's plenty of snow.
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this is interstate 80 at truckee, a live picture. you can see all the snow on the ground. chains are required on all highways through the mountain range today. they could see nearly a foot of new snow throughout today. well, the falling snow caught many drivers off guard. travelers headed to interstate 80 thinking they beat the storm. but it hit earlier than they had expected. one tow truck driver says the snow came down so suddenly and so fast, caltrans didn't have enough time to set up chain controls in truckee. so we have rain, hail, thunder, snow and you know what? one guy is pretty excited about it. >> yeah. i'm loving every bit of it! it's nice to see the change. it's so strange to think a few days ago we had record-breaking 80s at the coastline and now yeah, these temperatures about 13 degrees below average. showers continuing outside this morning. the skies beginning to part just a little bit but you can see on our high-def doppler radar some of that rain continuing to fall especially into san jose this morning. been watching this cell making its way further southward.
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a few minutes ago in milpitas, now into san jose and alum rock. looks like it's what we'll expect to see throughout the day today as we seal scattered showers, then sunshine, a more scattered showers possible. we may get the back side of this system you can see one little wave of energy moving through here. that drags through overnight bringing thunderstorms. behind that we dry out. but there's more to the north and that's the going to slide in our direction in the latter part of the day and overnight tonight. temperatures chilly outside right now. only 30s in toward the santa rosa area. you have 40s elsewhere. by the afternoon these numbers staying well below the average. it will be a chilly day usually we are in the 60s and 70s, today wow it's going to be cold only highs in the 50s, elizabeth. bundle up. >> i know. yeah. pack your chains if you are heading up to the sierra and be extra careful on the roads. it's slick everywhere include at the bay bridge toll plaza. delays now at least in those outer cash lanes and middle fastrak lanes still look okay because the metering lights have not been turned on yet so this is usually our pre- metering light rush to get
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across the bay bridge and it looks okay so far up the incline. if you are choosing mass transit this morning, the richmond line seeing some delays some residual delays after an obstruction on the tracks earlier this morning so right now 10 minutes out of richmond. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, otherwise no delay. here's a live look through danville. yeah, a little difficult to see traffic conditions this morning but southbound 680 so far looks okay actually through the san ramon valley. this is busy since very early this morning. 22 minutes coming through the altamont pass. and the dublin interchange. pretty much a bottleneck there around vasco road and a quick look outside the nimitz 880 through oakland still cruising bass the oakland coliseum. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. this morning, fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire inside a school in east san jose. crews were called out around 1:00 a.m. to the saint thomas more school on south white road. dispatchers say the fire was out within an hour and a half. investigators say there's nothing suspicious about the
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fire although the cause is still under investigation. take a look at this video here. a neighbor captured a raging house fire in monterey heights last night. the abandoned home was undergoing renovations, no one was there at the time. flames also scorched the wall of a nearby house. this fire took nearly an hour and a half to put out. investigators are still looking for the cause. people in need camping out in the cold overnight at a san jose food pantry giving away thousands of food boxes for the holidays. anne makovec is at sacred heart community service where the line grows. >> reporter: good morning. it is cold and it is wet. so if you are waking up groggy this morning, imagine waking up here. that's what 150 people did signing up for food for
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thanksgiving and toys for christmas. sacred heart is expecting record numbers of people asking for help. they will help with food for thanksgiving and christmas and 5,500 children need toys. for many of these people it means the world to have a wonderful holiday. >> it means a lot. my family comes first. before me. anytime any way possible that that can make them happy. and just provide for them. >> reporter: i talked to a lot of these folks and they have a very deep appreciation for what they are getting. today they are just signing up. they will be receiving their food and their gifts a little later on. now, back out here live now at sacred heart community service, volunteers have started showing
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up and so they are organize the process. they are expected to open by 9:00 but the director here says they think they will be able to open a little earlier to get these people out of the cold wet weather. now, they still need a lot of help. they run completely on donations. so if you want to help, we have a link on our website, the director says they have been seeing a lot of pink toys. so what they need right now are more toys for boys and more toys for older children if you can help. live in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> we hope they get the help they need. thank you. the search is on for two men police say kidnapped and robbed a woman in walnut creek. the victim says she was taken around 7:30 wednesday night as she left work at the shadelands business park. the woman claims the men tied her up and drove her to several atms forcing her to withdraw money from her bank account before abandoning her in the oakland hills. she was able to free herself and call police. a powerful and rare
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hallucinogenic drug is found during a silicon valley raid. a number of agencies served search warrants at an apartment on bush street in downtown mountain view. officers say they found weapons and drugs. there was also meth and heroin and a lab for making a very powerful hallucinogenic called dimethyl tryptamine or dmt. it was tips from neighbors that led the police to the apartment although the property owner says he didn't notice any problems. >> i don't see anything illegal or fighting or, you know, something crazy going on. >> police say this is only the third dmt lab that's been found in california. three suspects have been arrested and more arrests are expected. officers say the dmt being processed could have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. in his first address since election takes into president obama will urge lawmakers to work together to prevent the you havees from falling off the "fiscal cliff." the speech will begin in a few
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hours. if congressional democrats and republicans don't reach a budget deal by year's end, bush- era tax cuts will expire and deep across the board spending cuts will kick in. for now, vice president joe biden and many others in washington are expressing confidence that can be avoided. >> we're not going over the cliff. we're determined not t go over the cliff. >> the cbo says it would send the unemployment rate above 9% next year. new york police are enforcing new rules at gas stations this morning. it's a new fuel rationing plan designed to let people fill up their cars every other day depending on the last number on their license plates. new york mayor michael bloomberg says the move will ease the fuel crunch as shortages are expected to last a couple more weeks. >> i don't like it. i don't think it's going to be
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for long. soon they will have gas for everybody, everybody will going to the pump and just fill up. it don't think it will be too long. i don't like it too much. >> the latest storm setback efforts to restore power in the northeast. new york's governor is calling for an investigation into why it is taking so long to get power back on in new york. we thank everybody who donated during our hurricane sandy relief telethon. all day yesterday, thanks to your generosity, we raised almost $135,000 for the red cross. roberta gonzales doing yeoman's work all day. our parent company cbs matched almost $18,000 in employee donations. and you can still contribute if you would like. go to our website, >> very generous people in the bay area. >> absolutely. >> so much money. so that's great. time now 6:11. sudden snow catching drivers by surprise in the sierra. we'll have a live report. >> is it creepy or natural? the breast-feeding baby doll that has some parents a little
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. winter storm dumped rain and snow... cbs reporter sean bennett in nyack with the conditions rh traffic is crawling in the sierra after winter storm dumped rain and snow. >> it's a mess. sean bennett is in nyack with conditions right now. >> reporter: traffic crawling. look at this. chain installers here assisting the big rigs to chain up. a big line now is established up here with the trucks hugging the side of interstate 80. chain control in effect right now up to the nevada state line. you won't be able to go any further heading from the bay area or sacramento this
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morning. video now to show you what chain control is like. caltrans checking tires making sure everybody is driving at slow speeds down here because you never know when the weather changes and it changes on a dime in the sierra going from perfect to snow in just several minutes. so at this point right now everybody on caution right now because of the fact that there's a backup. the snow starting to come down steady back here live. we want to take you to the shoulder of the road. a good amount of powder hear about falling overnight. we are talking about probably five or six inches that's fallen. that's good for the resorts if you are going skiing or boarding today. in fact best part about it is weekend starts for us morning people in a few hours! [ laughter ] >> back to you. >> that's the best. sean bennett live in the sierra, thank you. >> hope he brought his skis with him. >> how would you like to bring some chains on one of those 18 wheelers? >> no way. >> two wheels is tough enough.
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>> but that will be something else. but hey, it's a sign now. we are getting into that wintry type weather. we have seen showers and thunderstorms through the bay area overnight even reports of hail. hi-def doppler continuing to track the rainfall. it is pushing a little further south this morning now as we take you in for a closer look in san jose. they are seeing light showers in that direction. so watch out for that this morning. roadways are going to be slick. but things look to settle down just a little bit. there's still a chance we could see isolated showers after a cold start this morning and some chilly temperatures even in the afternoon. maybe some leftover showers early tomorrow morning. but really a dry weekend but the temperatures still staying on the cool side. unsettled weather continuing as long as the trough sets itself up along the west coast bringing in more of the cold air and speckled clouds and more showers maybe even isolated thunderstorms. so we are not done with the rainfall just yet. so keep that umbrella handy. computer models show you that some of those showers moved through early on today and maybe we catch a break. there's a chance we could see
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some isolated showers pop up and then i think toward tonight and early tomorrow morning you see a few more showers popping up around the bay area. so with that in mind, it is going to be cool and brisk. plan on highs only in the 50s. these are well below the average for this time of year. settling down in time for the weekend. if you want to check the snow, you can do it. just have to wait. you need chains now. next chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. so you're going to be busy for days to come. >> i know. on monday we were taking about you hitting the beach. wacky weather week! despite slick conditions thins are okay across the bay area no major accidents. we have a delay now over at the bay bridge. they turned the metering lights on so now we're stacking up beyond -- closer towards that 880 overcrossing. so a good 10 to 15 minutes already to get you on the bay bridge and then we just checked the incline, it's crowded towards treasure island. san mateo bridge traffic moving at the limit here in both
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directions. so no delay between hayward and foster city. if we check our maps and mass transit, richmond line still slight delays. this is recovering after an earlier problem. there was an obstruction on the tracks so they cleared it quickly. but apparently there are still slight delays again just heading in all directions off of the richmond stop. elsewhere ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, any other form of mass transit pretty much good to go. and heading into and out of san francisco, this is a live look at interstate 80 close to 6 and you can see everything is looking good so far this morning. nestle is recalling thousands of canisters of nesquik chocolate drink mix. recall covers 200,000 canisters with contents that may be contaminated with salmonella. nestle says it covers batches that were produced last month. the bottom of the cans say they are best to be used by october
6:20 am
of 2014. so far no reports of anyone become sick. a doll that's popular in europe is having a lot of trouble getting on store shelves here in the united states. that's apparently because of what the breast milk baby does. children playing with the doll put on a halter that contains sensors. when the doll gets near those sensors, it makes breast- feeding noises. critics say the doll is too sexualized. >> controversy stems from when there was a cultural shift in the 1950s to bottle-feeding as the paradigm. and at that time, breasts were also simultaneously sexualized suddenly breasts became sexual instead of nutraive. >> a company from spain tried to get it into mainstream stores so it's trying again this year. what do you think about the breast milk baby doll? twitter mail at mornings-at-cb .
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it's 6: award for : >> comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at 6:21. a major award for the oakland as. >> and girls how do you like this for a best friend? how much it would cost to own this rare megadiamond. i'm leaking it. -- i'm liking it. ,,,,,,,,
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billy beane was named major league baseball executive oe year. beane put together a team of very young players--including an all-re starting rotation down the st billy beane was named baseball executive of the year. he put together a team of very young players including an all rookie starting rotation last year down the stretch as oakland took the divisional
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title and launched into the play-offs nearly beat the tigers. second time beane has gotten the award. play of the day, we dug deep, europa league soccer. it began with a bad clearance from the head of the defender and from way downtown inside the box and he puts it in. a long distance goal in europa. >> nice. >> sweet. >> a megadiamond is going back on the auction block. >> that's right. the 76-carat rock sold for $6.5 million back in 1993. did you hear me? 76 carats. now auctioneers hope to get somewhere between 15 and $25 million for it. jewelers say the diamond is one of the most precious in the world with nearly flawless clarity. it's being sold in christie's semi-annual sale in switzerland next week. all the women in the studio are saying, yeah, i'll take it. >> holidays are coming. >> i want one! >> you can't wear it. 23million on your hand or on
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your neck? i don't know. >> why not. >> it's 6:26 right now. coming up, police call it a first in the bay area. the powerful drug that was being cooked up in the heart of the silicon valley. >> and their name is forever tied to the murder of osama bin laden. why some members of the navy seal team 6 are now being punished. camping out all night in the rain. just to make sure their families have a happy holiday season. we'll talk to some of these folks coming up next. >> we have seen some pounding rain, lightning and hail in the bay area. will it continue for your weekend? will it be a washout? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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20 to 30-degree difference from the last several days. >> wind, rain, thunderstorms. despite it all, dozens camp out in the cold for holiday help. >> my daughter will be able to have a holiday season. >> in the northeast a winter storm piles on the misery. >> who would ever expect in the united states of america that you would be without power and heat for 11 days. >> a psychedelic drug so intense most people are too afraid to take it. >> a rare and dangerous drug lab in the middle of the silicon valley. >> can snort it, inject it. >> there's a new sense of urgency to avert so-called "fiscal cliff." >> we're not going over the cliff. we're determined not to go over the cliff. >> several navy seals punished for nair involvement with the videogame. >> the reprimand that the navy seals received could hurt any future chances for promotion. >> from across the bay -- >> it's like a concert just got out. choppers are still leaving the outlets. >> -- to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
6:31 am >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, it's friday, november 9. i'm michelle griego. >> we made it. the weekend is almost here. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:31. winter weather pounding northern california. okay. we're going to toss it over to mr. lawrence. we're going to pull you out of your chair now and put you to work because we have snow in the sierra and might have some in the bay area, believe it or not. >> yeah. we are seeing flakes over the tops of the mountains. looks like unsettled weather overnight. even some thunderstorms rotating on through. things settling down a little bit. the main focus further south and the south bay here seeing some scattered showers now towards san jose 101 also in the santa cruz mountains. we have had reports of a few showers there. you get one of these thunderstorms rotating on overhead you can see some hail and, of course, a couple of snowflakes. it's very cold outside. lots of snow in the sierra nevada. 3500 feet, snow down to 2500
6:32 am
and we continue to see more of that cold air off the coastline. so more showers in the forecast as we head in toward the latter part of the day. still broken clouds over the bay. not too bad. things may settle down a bit. chance of showers coming through. temperatures chilly. 30s in santa rosa at this hour, 47 in san jose and 46 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon a cold day. usually 60s and 70s for your average temperatures. today well below that. 13 degrees below average in san jose. expected high there 57 degrees. 56 cool and brisk in san francisco. and 58 degrees in livermore. a new accident in the east bay. we'll get to that in a minute. also stacking up approaching the bay bridge toll plaza they turned the metering lights on around 6:00 this morning so now we're stacking up like we
6:33 am
usually do beyond the 880 overcrossing. about 15 to 20 minutes now just to get you up to the bay bridge but no incidents at the bay bridge. we are seeing a problem with the westbound lanes of 24 approaching pleasant hill road as there was an accident that struck the center divide just a solo spinout so again, yes, the roads are slick. take it slow this morning. right now the left lane is blocked while they work to clear that out of walnut creek. brake lights through the altamont pass and it's stop and go from 205 out of tracy all the way through the altamont pass in livermore. drive time 23 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. here's a live look outside. looks like we're drying out in the east bay 880 through oakland. this is northbound and southbound past the coliseum and it's actually moving at the limit in both directions. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys >> thank you. well, at least 100 people are braving the rain and those chilly temperatures camping out in hopes of having happier holidays. >> they are in line for help with thanksgiving and christmas
6:34 am
meals and hopefully gifts, as well. and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is down in san jose at the sacred heart community service event where the line is long. >> reporter: that's right. i can vouch for what lawrence has been saying. it is very chilly and rainy all night and about 150 people have been camped out all night long. some of them started lining up yesterday morning for assistance from sacred heart community service. you can see some of the volunteers arriving a half hour ago. this place is run on donations and volunteers. they are signing people up today for food for thanksgiving and toys for christmas. they are expecting record numbers of people asking for help this year. 4,000 people need food and 5500 children for toys for christmas. people have been waiting since 11 a.m. yesterday to make sure their families have a happy holiday season. >> you know what i need to get
6:35 am
presents for my kids and for my grandkids. where i work i don't make enough money and i need help. >> poverty is still very much alive in silicon valley where it's difficult to make ends meet. this is part of being -- helping our neighbors because unfortunately, with the last recession, poverty really affected our neighbors and our families. >> reporter: we have a look at some of the supplies thus far, turkeys and toys. they need more. in fact a lot of the toys they have gotten are pink as you can see there. they need a lot more toys for boys and teenagers, as well. they would love some extra bikes if you might be able to help them out. and if you would like to, we have a link to sacred heart community service on our website, as for these people, the doors are going to be opening up at 9:00. they can get out of the weather. but they might be opening earlier because all these volunteers have shown up and they are working very hard to get things rolling here. live in san jose, anne makovec,
6:36 am
cbs 5. >> warm that crowd up. thank you. we are following some developing news right here in san francisco. a lightning strike causing some problems in the noe valley. the strike near a troops former has left dozens of people in the dark this morning. cbs reporter cate caugiran with more. >> reporter: good morning. they are installing a new transformer in this neighborhood but there's still a lot of work to go. pg&e says only 66 customers are still without electricity in the area. it's affecting customers near hoffman avenue, fountain street and grandview avenue. that lightning strike caused about 4 or 5 transformers to shut down. now, this outage started around 1:12 this morning and then a neighbor described just how powerful that lightning strike was. >> it was almost as if a bomb was going off. there was this huge crash and
6:37 am
my husband and i both looked at each other and went, whoa, what was that? >> reporter: now you woke up and there's no -- >> we should have realized at the time because it was that loud that there wouldn't be any power. we have no power. >> reporter: crews have been working ever since. there is no official estimated time of restoration but pg&e says they are hoping to get all the power out there running in the neighborhood in an hour and a half or two hours or so. now, as you can see, again they are working to install that new transformer in the area. i know that pg&e crews told me they called for extra help. the challenge was to determine how many customers were originally affected because so many transformers were out. but progress is being made and we are hoping in the next hour and a half or two hours that it will be completely restored. live in noe valley, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>thank you. a fire at east san jose at saint thomas more school a
6:38 am
catholic campus on south white road this morning. the fire dispatcher says the fire is out and the scene was cleared within an hour and a half. investigators say there's nothing suspicious about the fire lot cause is still unknown. and a home being renovated in san francisco goes up in flames. take a look at this amazing video here. a neighbor captured these images just moments after flames broke out last night in a monterey heights neighborhood. the neighbor tells us the house had been abandoned for many years. no one was there when the fire started. flames also scorched the wall of a nearby house. the cause is under investigation. a s.w.a.t. raid shuts down a silicon valley drug lab. the number of police saying the sis served search warrants at apartments on bush street in downtown mountain view. tips from neighbors let them to the apartment complex. officers found weapons and drugs. they found meth and heroin.
6:39 am
and the lab for making a power drug called dimethyl tryptamine or dmt for short. >> snort it, inject it. it's a fast acting hallucinogen. >> police say this is the third dmt lab to be busted in california. three suspects were arrested and more are expected. officers say the dmt being processed could have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. in new york today police are enforcing new rules designed to ease the gas line frustrations on the east coast. a if you fuel rationing plan -- a new fuel rationing plan lets people fill up every other day depending on the license plate numbers. cabs and delivery trucks are exempt. new york mayor michael bloomberg says the move is designed to ease the fuel crunch. shortages could last for weeks. your cbs 5 viewers answered our calls to help hurricane sandy victims. thank you so much for your generous donations yesterday.
6:40 am
we raised almost $135,000. for the red cross. our parent company cbs matched almost $18,000 in employee donations. you can still help out the good of the cause. if you would like to contribute, go to our website, a group of elite navy seals is being punished by the military because of what they did for a bay area company. it involves a realistic videogame called war fighter. electronic arts of redwood city consulted with current members of seal team 6. the team took down osama bin laden. 7 men have been reprimanded and four others under investigation. 7 other seals are in a movie called act of valor with the navy's approval. >> there are seals that i think eight of them active duty seals one may be out now that participated in this. it started off as a recruiting film. >> the navy isn't saying what kind of classified information was given to electronic arts
6:41 am
but the reprimands could ruin the careers of the seals involved. 6:41. california democrats now hold a supermajority at the capital. phil matier joins us on how it could affect taxpayers. >> how about the market? it opened 10 minutes ago. tough going since the election. early numbers out of the gate not so good. we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,
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6:44 am
emotional moment for presidt obama. he was thanking i'm really proud of all of you. and... -- [ applause ] >> a rare emotional moment for president obama. he was thanking his campaign staff in chicago yesterday when
6:45 am
he got a little choked up. i mean, you can imagine, they spent so much time -- >> and it was supposed to be so close. to win four more years and his last election. >> now we turn to cbs 5 political insider phil matier who is with former mayor willie brown. >> mr. mayor, you're no stranger to elections. what's the it like the day after a big emotional win? >> you have a problem when now it's all over the last time you will be on the stage, et cetera, and now how difficult it was to win it this time. you know how the doubters were out there. you know how much confidence you already had all -- you didn't have. and you just become, you know, a different guy. >> how long does it last? he has four years to go. >> i know. he will find his legs this morning, though. he will be back on his job. he will be confronting the guy who literally has more color than he has, john boehner. >> it is something, you have this big pressure, this great moment, but also the doubts and
6:46 am
stuff going in, the win, of the loss, the fact that you can be out the door. someone says you won again. we have the "fiscal cliff" hanging over you, by the way. so get ready. you have 33 seconds. what's your play? you're going to go to be back in the corner. >> he hasn't thought about that at all. he was focused on whether or not he could justify the four previous years. he was not thinking about the four years forward. period. >> i have a question. just the exhaustion factor with romney and the president. the next day they must wake up and say, can i just go to the caribbean for a week? but you have to go back to work. >> the energy is gone. by the time you end at 8:00 on the night of the election at whatever station you happen to be, the energy leaves you. then you discover you didn't have it anyway. you were operating on adrenaline and what have you. so you have no idea the exhaustion of what you have
6:47 am
gone through. the president and the winner have then got to do the rounds. the guy who is already in the caribbean is romney. [ laughter ] >> frank and i were talking yesterday. he brought up an interesting question. rather than this second election, you know, and taking all the time out a year basically take a year out to run and audition again for your job, what about a one six-year term for the president? you go in, you do what you're going to do, don't worry about re-election, get it done and that's it. >> probably preferable. as a matter of fact, i would go better than that, phil. i would eliminate the business of term limits altogether. >> mayor, quickly. >> period. >> before we go, let's talk. now the california democrats hold a supermajority at the capital. talk about that. >> well, the supermajority is going to present an interesting challenge because all of a sudden, you're going to be held responsible for the end result if you are the leader. and among your troops, you will
6:48 am
discover the level of disloyalty unlike anything you have previously experienced. all of a sudden, if i know that i'm number 54, i want that building that i have wanted forever, that made no sense, but now that i'm number 54, i can get my vote in. >> i was talking with former state senator art torres around the last time they had a huge majority, not a supermajority. he said it's nothing but headaches. all the back stabbers come out in your own party. rather than fighting. republicans you're fighting your own all the time. back to the presidential election if you had your preference there wouldn't be an election. [ laughter ] >> but only if i had been the winner. >> that's what i thought. [ laughter ] >> exactly. all right. phil matier, mayor brown, thank you so much. >> have a good weekend. a big name in american retailing is reporting big losses. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and with more on a friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. i think it's clear right now that j.c. penney's new pricing plan they instituted this year has been a
6:49 am
failure so far. they did away with discounts, tried to just institute low pricing overall but customers not buying into that. once again posting a much bigger-than-expected loss, $123 million in the 3rd quarter. more worrisome than that sales down 26% from a year earlier. and as a result of that, j.c. penney shares down by 8% on wall street. a big deal in online travel, buying kayak for $1.8 billion. 500million of that coming in cash. kayak does things a little differently than many others. it takes the various recommendations of all the different travel sites out there helping customers look for cheaper airfare, hotels and flights. this is still subject to shareholder and regulatory approval. and if it does go through, kayak will continue to operate as an independent business of priceline. market coming off two really rough days. a looming "fiscal cliff" is a big factor in all of this as is the ongoing debt crisis in
6:50 am
europe. let's see how things are going so far this morning. right now the dow still lower by 23 points. nasdaq peaking into positive territory up by 1 point, s&p down by 1. >> thank you. >> the good news is we're almost done with the week. >> that will help. >> no kidding. >> we need more than that, though. >> jason brooks, thank you. at 6:50 let's check the weather. there's rain out there this morning when i was driving in. >> rain, we have had some thunderstorms overnight. and, of course, we have had some reports of some of hail around the bay area. got a neat shot for you today we had some of that hail dropping in early on today but it looks like there's still a chance we could see more of that activity as we head throughout the day today but we may catch a break into the afternoon. hail being reported, yup, we had some yesterday and that's going to be scattered about when you get some of those thunderstorms rolling overhead. as far as the showers are concerned, they are tailing off a little bit right now. we still have more scattered showers into the south bay. you can see one pocket of moisture here.
6:51 am
but if you are under that you're getting rainfall right now. that's the what we're going to see today showers in the area, not a rainout. a lot of sunshine between those clouds. so it is going to be a cold start to the day. some scattered showers a possibility as we head toward the afternoon. maybe even an isolated thunderstorm for the most part except for saturday morning we're looking at a dry weekend but those temperatures still staying cool. as you have the trough of low pressure all along the west coast, that's ramping up moisture and pushing it onshore overnight. we have one wave moving through this morning, catching a break and then another one that's going to drop into the bay area late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so with that in mind if you are traveling around the state watch out for some showers into the sacramento valley and high country. you need chains there. snow level dropping to 3500 feet with a winter weather advisory up now. temperatures in the 50s. next couple of days drying out and warming up over the weekend and then we could get right back into rain heading toward tuesday and wednesday of next
6:52 am
week. you're going to be very, very busy. >> it's been crazy weather. we went from beach bums to ski bunnies. in the sierra it's a winter wonderland. main requirements from 80 to nyack to truckee, chain requirements. we have chain requirements as well on 50 and 88. closer to home bridges are slick this morning. plus we haven't seen any major accidents so far. but it looks like drivers are taking it a little extra slow. this is a live look at westbound 92. to the maps and other live traffic cameras. we have been following minor accidents. no huge delays. westbound 24 approaching pleasant hill road, they may still have one lane blocked off. that's the latest from chp they were working to clear it. southbound 880 approaching winton. we have an accident there also blocking win lane.
6:53 am
so a little bit heavy now if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge. and just a quick look outside if you are farther north up the nimitz 880 through oakland, this is pretty quiet near the oakland coliseum. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. time now 6:53. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> and we are going to tell you why hundreds of folks -- these are live pictures -- are waiting in line in the cold in san jose. stay right there. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
after a stolen car slammed o a home.. this is at 58-11 silver leaf road.. the car went through t san jose police are investigating after a stolen car slammed into a home. this is at 5811 silver leaf road. the car went through the garage and into a bathroom. no one in the home was injured. the suspects did take off.
6:57 am
police are searching for them right now. moraga school district newly re-elected board president has resigned. >> according to the "contra costa times," dexter louie resigned wednesday night after the moraga school district back pedaled in defending itself against a lawsuit by a former student there. that student is suing the district for covering up her claims of sexual abuse years ago by two of her teachers. about 100 people are camped out in the cold at sacred heart community service in san jose waiting to sign up for food and toys for thanksgiving and christmas. more information on how to donate to these people is on our website, and just click on "newslinks." >> and a lightning strike causes a power outage here in san francisco's noe valley. the lightning bolt touched down near a transformer causing several to shut down on 24th street. more than 60 customers are still without power at this hour. pg&e homes to have all that
6:58 am
power back on by 9:00. >> lightning, hail, rain, snow. >> i slept right through most of it. we could still see more of that activity today. hi-def doppler showing you showers winding down a bit. we have a few showers off the coast and just south of san jose now. but we could still see some wandering showers roll through the bay area today. so keep that umbrella handy. it's chilly. 34 in santa rosa, 39 san rafael. this afternoon temperatures only in the 50s, looks like a chance of showers overnight again tonight into tomorrow morning. and then maybe more rain next week, elizabeth. >> roller coaster weather. okay, thanks, lawrence. and outside right now, it has been slick this morning. we have seen a couple of different spinouts. they may clear them quickly. at the bay bridge, stacked up to the maze already on this friday morning drive. elsewhere golden gate bridge nice and light so far heading out towards doyle drive into san francisco. and if you want to stay off the roads mass transit including bart had earlier delays everything is now on time.
6:59 am
>> and we do a feature called "cool school" and this week we were at saint gregory's, they had a town hall meeting and voted for president and the kids sent us these thank you notes and drawings. so neat. thank you. we are going to read a couple. >> sophia said, mr. mallicoat, first grade likes you. you are a big hit there. frank. >> first graders. and dear michelle, it was fun voting. and being on news was kind of cool, too. love, cody. so we want to thank those kids. what's cool about your school? submit your nomination at and if all goes well we'll come to your school and feature it on the morning show. >> one kid calls you fred mallicoat. >> hey, whatever. [ laughter ] >> whatever it takes, baby. >> your new name. >> thanks for watching. have a great morning. >> have a great weekend.


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